A research cooperation of leading institutes in energy research


BFH heads one of the leading battery research and development centres in Switzerland and takes part in three Swiss competence center for energy research: SCCER-Storage, SCCER-Mobility and SCCER-Grids.

CSEM hosts a national competence center for silicon-based photovoltaics and is active in Energy Systems research. CSEM also participates in two Swiss Competence Center of Energy Research as cooperation partner: SCCER-Grids and SCCER FEEB&D.

Our mission

At ESReC, we share the vision that electrical energy storage is not only a key driver for the electrification of transport but will also play a vital role in catalyzing the integration of renewable energy sources. To exploit such systems in an efficient and economic manner, ESReC has set up a common research infrastructure for the testing and characterization of electrochemical storage systems.

Proposed services

  • Electrical and thermal characterization of cells, modules and packs
  • Simulation and modelling
  • SoC and SoH algorithm development
  • BMS hardware and software development
  • Battery storage system assessment, dimensioning and development
  • Battery integration in electric vehicles and buildings
  • Consulting

Laboratory equipment

Cell and module test equipment

  • Bio-Logic BCS-815 battery cell tester with integrated EIS; 24 channels, 9 V, 15 A; EIS: 10 kHz-10 mHz
  • PEC SBT10050 battery module test bench, 12 channels, 100V, 50A
  • PEC ACT0550 battery cell test bench, 60 channels, 5V, 50A
  • Fuelcon Evaluator B-70414 battery and cell test bench, 7 channels, 5/35/100V, 50A
  • Gamry Reference 3000 electrochemical impedance spectrometer

Climatic chambers

  • 1 Angelantoni ATT DM1200T temperature chambers, 1100 L, -45 °C to 180 °C
  • 2 Vötsch VT4011 temperature chambers, 110 L, -40 °C to > 70 °C
  • 1 Vötsch VT4004 temperature chamber, 37 L, -40 °C to > 70 °C
  • 3 ESPEC ARU- 1100 temperature chambers, 1100 L, -40 °C to > 70 °C
  • 1 ESPEC LU-114 temperature chamber, 105 L, -20 °C to > 70 °C
  • 1 CTS DE 54-QS temperature chamber, 400 L, 0 °C to > 70 °C
  • 1 Binder MKF-720 climatic chamber, 735 L, -40 °C to > 70 °C
  • 1 Swissterminal 10’ Reefer refrigerated container, 12’445 L, -40 °C to 30 °C

BMS test equipment

  • BMS-HIL tester

Web resources

Swiss Energy Storage Overview: Overview of the Swiss electrical energy storage landscape from pumped-hydro systems to MWh-sized batteries for ancillary services and several pilot power plants. It also provides a list of commercially available PV-battery systems in Switzerland.

PV hosting capacity analysis tool: Open-source tool to estimate the PV hosting capacity of your electrical network under specific solar and network configurations, also including support for inclusion of battery systems.


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Research projects (public funds):

  • BATMAN (Innosuisse project, 2019-2020) – Smart battery management for enhanced balancing and diagnostic of battery cells.
  • BESTRADE (Innosuisse project, 2019-2020) – Battery energy storage for optimal renewable power trading.
  • BESTIMATOR (Innosuisse feasibility study – 2018) – Data-driven inline estimators of the state of charge and state of health of batteries.
  • Prosumer-Lab (SFOE pilot & demonstration project, 2016-2019, see also ENERGEIA 5/2016) – Influence of novel strategies and components of the energy management of grid-integrated, smart buildings on the stability and quality of the house and distribution grids.
  • Hyperbat (Fonds SIG, 2016-2018, see also page 7 of Annual Report 2016) – Hybrid battery storage system.
  • SwissTrolley plus (SFOE lighthouse project, 2015-2018) – Lifespan analysis and modeling of a high-performance battery in a fully electric trolleybus in the city of Zurich.
  • eDumper (SFOE demonstration project, 2015-2018) – Construction and demonstration of the world’s largest electrically powered vehicle.
  • Hospital catering truck (Innosuisse project, 2015-2018) – Mobile, on-the-spot Breakfast Catering: Development and Trialling of an Innovative Patient Catering Model to enhance Cost- and Time Efficiency in Swiss hospitals.
  • SBB battery (SFOE pilot project, 2014-2017) – Design and development of a battery for electrical power in SBB-railway carriages.

Shared research infrastructure in Biel

Bern University of Applied Sciences
Aarbergstrasse 5
CH-2560 Nidau

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Shared research infrastructure in Neuchâtel

Jacquet-Droz 1
CH-2000 Neuchâtel

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